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 Frequently Asked Questions
What is Counselling?
Counselling is reaching out to people in need of any help, be it clinical, academic, developmental or social i.e. providing assistance in the area of mental health by enriching life & making a difference. The involvement of school & home for the overall growth & development of the child is the major criterion.

How is counselling different from talking?
Counselling is a therapeutic process of developing insight within the person and motivating them to make changes. It involves guided talking i.e. a specific pattern is followed during the session. The child is encouraged to implement the output, so as to bring about the desired changes.

Who is a Health Wellness Teacher?
A HWT is a professionally trained person with a background in psychology, who identifies and resolves issues which the child may face which in turn affect the academic, social, emotional & behavioural functioning in school or at home without the assistance of any medication. Problems are manifested through emotional difficulties, maladaptive behaviour, attitudes and reduced performance due to disability.

What does a HWT do in school?
The role of the HWT is to support emotional development of students and the community. The work also involves a lot of liaising between parents, teachers and students. The HWT in DPS Bhilai is not only the HWT but also a teacher, who plays sport with the students, and is involved in various activities of the school. This helps in the follow-up and helps in observing any change in the student. Rapport building has also proved to be effective because of the outreach of the HWT.

What is the Action Based Counselling (ABC) Model?
The Action Based Counselling (ABC) Model is the counselling process followed in DPS Bhilai. This process moves the HWT far away from the counselling room and believes in interaction and intervention at an informal level, through rapport formation by involvement in various activities which the student is involved in.

Is something psychologically wrong with my child if he has to visit the HWT?
No. Having to meet the HWT is no indication of a psychological problem. However, it can be considered as a known sphere to bring about the desired and acceptable change. It requires equal amount of effort by the HWT and the client to derive a workable solution.

What is the role of a HWT?
The role of the HWT within the school:
o Classroom counselling & guidance
o Individual / parent / family counselling
o Mediator between parents, teachers, students & school authorities
o Work as a pillar of support and guide, for the overall personality and emotional development of all the students
o Help to develop life skills
o Psycho-educational assessments
o Aptitude testing & career guidance
o Conduct workshops to create awareness
o Support groups for parents with ADHD, ASD etc.
o Activity groups for children with ADHD, ASD etc.
o Teacher Training Programme - "Mission Possible" - to empower the teachers to take care of classroom challenges

How will the HWT help in class?
The HWT goes to every section of every class on a yearly basis and discusses various issues/topics of concern with the children. These are Classroom Counselling Sessions (CCS); usually interactive in nature and carried out in the form of activities, role play, debates, elocutions, presentations etc. They serve as an ice-breaker as well as a mean of identifying and diluting various class issues.

When can I approach the HWT?
The HWT can be approached through:
o Direct appointment
o Through the school (Referred by Principal/Vice-Principal/Senior Mistress/Teacher)
o In some cases, the HWT may approach the student/parent




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